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Keynote 1

IoT trends  and innovative applications
Roberto Zafalon,

The keynote will tackle with the three major IoT challenges today: interoperability, security, and business model (monetization). The strong enabling technologies roots (i.e. semiconductor and IP Design) will set the stage for a comprehensive view of the key IoT end-markets and of the most innovative applications expected to boost the massive deployment of IoT by the next 4 years.

Keynote 2

Programming in a Heterogeneous World
Jan Kuper, QBayLogic.

This talk will argue that translation mechanisms from well known and well developed programming methodologies into low-level platform specific programming is doomed to fail because the way each type of computing platform deals with its internal space and time in a different way. Instead, we will argue that we should start from a really platform independent level, for which mathematics is a good candidate.

Keynote 3

Cyber Security of cyber physical infrastructure
Sandeep Shukla,
IIT Kanpur.

In this talk we  will explore this question, and we will show that there is indeed benefit in taking approaches based on formalized languages for system specification, or  system design, not only for analyzability at various abstraction levels of  risk, and visibility of attack vectors but also for better comprehension of  systemic risks, guiding resilient design of system architecture, and budgeting resources in optimal manner.