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Research Activities

The research activities of ESD Group include:

Algorithms for CAD

  • Synthesis of combinational systems
  • Synthesis of sequential systems
  • Discrete event systems
  • Physical design

Embedded Software Generation

  • TLM-RTL synthesis and abstraction
  • RTL-to-SW abstraction
  • TLM transactor generation
  • Device-driver generation
  • Embedded SW for multicore systems
  • Middleware-based design

Embedded System Verification

  • Static verification
  • Dynamic verification
  • Semi-formal verification
  • Hybrid and real-time systems

Networked Embedded Systems

  • System/Network co-design
  • System/Network co-simulation
  • QoS-enabled design
  • Sensor networks and M2M systems

Networking Systems

  • Protocol design and architectures
  • Performance evaluation
  • Network measurement and characterization
  • Overlay networks